Sento Holistic Therapies

Transformation through Healing

Beginner's Meditation Course

This is a four week course that gives an introduction to meditation for those who have never meditated before and want to learn how. It teaches different methods, including breath relaxation, guided imagery, mindfulness, shamanic journeying and Reiki Drum journeying. Through specific meditations we will look at relaxation, self empowerment, confidence boosting, meeting your spirit and animal guides, and how to receive answers and insights. The course includes a written manual and CD of all the meditations on the course. 

Each course is run for a maximum of 4 people at a time so that individual attention can be given and all participants have the time to share and comment on their experiences during the session. Each session lasts around 2 hours and will be held once a week for four weeks. Please contact me to put your name on the waiting list for the next course.  

£40 per person

I will also be planning a regular weekly meditation class for those who simply want to come and meditate, and for those who have completed the course and wish to carry on with regular meditations. I know how hard it can be to discipline ourselves to meditate on our own, so coming for a regular session at least means we get some time just for ourselves!

£5.00 per person

Reiki Drum Journeying

Similar to Shamanic Journeying, the drum is used with a repetitive beat designed to deeply relax you and take you on your own unique personal journey where you can meet your guides, animal spirits, teachers and healers who may have messages or guidance for you in your daily life. Sessions can be for individuals or groups. Please contact me to make a booking. 

£20 for individual sessions

£5 per person for groups