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Do you think you lived in Egypt?
Past Life Regression Therapy

Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you get a strange sense of deja vu when visiting a certain place or meeting certain people? Do you wonder why you are here or what your life purpose is? 

Past Life Regression therapy uses hypnosis and guided imagery techniques to access your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind controls your habits, beliefs and conditioning. In hypnosis, as I communicate with your subconscious, we can begin to uncover any negative beliefs, healing them and replacing them with life enhancing affirmations. 

Sometimes these habits and beliefs have not come from something in this lifetime. Past Life Regression therapy can take you back to previous lives to explore and heal the locked-in beliefs, patterns, illnesses and unfinished business that your subconscious mind carries from life to life.

It isn't necessary to believe in past lives for this therapy to be a wonderful symbolic metaphor. Whatever is seen in a regression, whether you believe in it or not, will usually hold some key to something going on in your life today. 

For myself, in my first regression, I saw that I was in the desert. When asked was I on my own I started laughing. Not believing at all that I had gone anywhere, I said I had a camel with me, my conscious mind narrating at the time, "of course there's a camel, I'm in the desert!". But what I went on to see in that life, held so many clues to what I was experiencing in my current life at that time, that I couldn't ignore it. In that life I was a Bedoin, in the employee of a wealthy master. I was in his tent when a masked assassin came in and slew my master and his family. At first I thought I was going to be saved, but the assassin saw me as he was leaving and slashed me across my stomach. As I lay bleeding out, in my current life I could feel a heavy wetness across my tummy, as though someone had put a hot wet towel on top of me. As I bled in that life, in this life I grew colder and colder, until eventually that life ended as I died. In this life, at that time, I was suffering from stomach problems, and after I had healed that life, my stomach problems disappeared!

Maybe you were a soldier during WWII
What to expect from a Past Life Regression

I will firstly have a chat with you about why you want regression therapy and what you are hoping to get out of the session.

Although there are a number of ways to access past life memories, the most traditional one is through hypnosis and guided imagery. I will take you through the hypnosis relaxation and then take you back to a past life. You may see images from that life, get sensations or thoughts that pop into your head without seeing anything, you may pick up strange smells or sounds, or even feel you want to speak or write a different language... What happens is entirely individual. After taking you through various significant events from that life, I will take you to the end of that life and then beyond. We will look at any healing that needs to be done from that life and any lessons or help that you need to incorporate into your life now.  

The past life session itself will be recorded, either onto a CD or memory stick, so you have a permanent memory to take home with you. 


PLR group sessions

Group Past Life Sessions

Perhaps you're not sure whether you want to book a Past Life Regression, or maybe you're looking for something that little bit different as a party idea for a group of friends. If so, then a group exploration could be ideal for you. 

For groups of up to 6 people, either at my place or yours, you will be given a short space of time to dip into a past life, to see any images that may come up for you, and to then come back, bringing those memories with you.

£10.00 per person